Getting started as a freelance writer

When I considered going freelance, I didn’t really have a clue where to look but after a few online searches, I was pleasantly surprised.


There’s a whole host of experienced freelancers out there sharing knowledge on blogs, podcasts and YouTube videos.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or want to build on your existing skills, you’ll find all the resources you need. Here’s a roundup of my favorites.


Copy Blogger

Probably one of the most popular sites for content writing advice, this site publishes several blogs a day on topics including social media, SEO writing, email and more. You’ll also find a great selection of free ebooks and seminars.

Freelance Writers Online

Created by Kirsty Stuart, this site offers great tips and advice on building a freelance business. From marketing your services to managing finances, you’ll be able to find first hand advice from someone who’s worked through the motions as a freelance writer.

The Freelancer’s Year

I love this site created by Lindy Alexander. Filled with case studies and tips on anything from productivity to business strategies, the site offers some priceless insights.


Jorden Roper

Jorden Roper stood out for me when scouring Youtube for tips and advice. Her no nonsense vlogs provide a candid insight into working as a freelance writer. From experience, she shares tips on sites to avoid for beginners and how to pitch your services – well worth a watch.


High-Income Business Writing with Ed Gandia

This is a great little gem you can listen to on the go. With a range of guests, Ed Gandia talks through a range of topics such as figuring out your pricing strategy to promoting yourself on social media. Just overlook the cheesy intro…


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