Making time for the things I love

One thing I really noticed when working 9 to 5 was how little I was doing the things I loved.


By the time 5pm rolled around, I just wanted to head home, slip into my Pajamas and series hop on Netflix. Ok – not every evening, I did have a life but I just struggled to find time to do all the things I enjoyed.

Now I’m freelance, I’ve noticed a big difference. Working on my own hours means I can fit in an 11am ballet class or 3pm gym session. I’ve also been getting stuck into more artwork and playing my guitar again. I know it’s not the bee-all and end-all but the freedom has really given me a new lease of life.

I’m not suggesting that it’s a walk in the park. Sometimes I can be working through the night to meet a client’s deadline and waking up at the crack of dawn to Skype across time zones. But right now, I wouldn’t swap it. The new sense of freedom I have makes up for any 4am Skype call.


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