4 sources of inspiration for freelance writers.

Let’s face it, whether you’re completely new to freelance writing or a seasoned pro, there comes a time when you get stuck for inspiration.


You could be working to a tight deadline or writing about a topic which is saturated with other articles. When you want to be original it can sometimes prove tricky.

If I ever come unstuck, there are a few places I head straight to which can prove to be priceless sources of inspiration.

1. Pulse by LinkedIn

When Linkedin launched its publishing platform, people from a variety of industries and sectors started posting articles on an impressive range of topics. As the platform has grown, you can find articles on pretty much everything. You’ll also be able to see what infulencers in your industry are posing which can be an ideal way to learn about new trends or topics.

2. Pinterest boards

Who doesn’t love a good Pinterest board? Full of quirky ideas and topical content, it’s a sure fire way of reinvigorating the topic you’re struggling with. There’s a board for pretty much everything whether you write about tech and gadgets or just pure Awesomeness (yes there is an actual board for this).

3. Trending topics

Twitter and Facebook both show trending topics which are great for inspiration, especially if your writing focuses on breaking news and current affairs.

4. Industry publications and journals

No matter what your niche is, with a simple online search you’ll find plenty of blogs, journals and publications filled with the latest industry news.

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