5 tips on writing content that converts

With content marketing now more important than ever, creating engaging blogs, articles and posts is crucial. 


Some businesses can be guilty of churning out any old thing because ‘everyone else is doing it’ but if you want your content to stand out, it really has to speak to your audience.

Whether you’re writing for a client or for your own business, it’s important that your content is relevant and engaging. Strike a chord with a potential customer and they are far more likely to show preference to you over the competition.

So, without further ado, here are a few hints for writing content that converts.

1. Map out your audience

Take a step back and think about who your customer is. Who buys your products and reads your blogs? Get to know them and understand what makes them tick. Find out what their problems are and think about how you can help them through valuable content.

One way of doing this is to create a buyer persona. Ask yourself a number of questions about your target audience; things like what their hobbies are, what their job role is along with any daily challenges they may face. This will help you to get inside their mind and write content that appeals to them. To get started, check out this helpful template.


2. Label your customers

Once you’ve created a buyer persona for your audience, get labeling. Ok, this may seem like a weird one; grouping individuals under categories – who wants that? Well, in this day and age people actually like being labelled. Think about it – an email ‘For extreme triathletes only’ lands in your inbox. Are you happy with that? I know I would be.

By labeling people, you’ll make them feel like they’re part of something and are recognised for the thing they are good at or enjoy doing. Get this right, and they are far more likely to take action.

3. Don’t Pitch! Problem solve

The key to great content is to offer useful information that will help your reader. People don’t want cold hard pitches anymore – they can see straight through that. Always keep the 90% rule in mind: 90% informative, related to solving the reader’s problem and 10% for the call to action, keeping pitching to a minimum.

As an expert in your field, you need to be giving away as much as you can in terms of useful tips, handy ideas and experiences that will help your audience. If you’re in the health food market, there’s no good in churning out new offers and product details. This gets boring and isn’t what will bring health enthusiasts to your site. Instead, writing articles on ‘How to create a quick post workout meal’ or ‘Top 5 foods for flawless skin’ will be much more useful and encourage people to buy into the products you offer.

Gary Veynerchuck’s Jab, Jab, Jab Right Hook offers some great strategies on how to make your content stand out and hook your audience in.

4. Be honest

Admit your shortcomings and be real, people love honesty and warm to relateable stories. Portraying a perfect image 100% of the time is not believable. Showing authenticity, whether you’re a blogger or a multi-national enterprise makes you more human and easier to connect with.

Social psychologist, Fiona Lee, conducted a study to see if companies which admitted their faults were seen to be more credible. She found that those who admitted their strategic faults actually achieved higher stock prices the following year, showing that admitting to shortcomings made companies still seem in control despite their shortcomings. 

That isn’t to say you should go overboard – find the right balance and your audience will  find it easier to relate.

5. Get your call to action right

This is one of the most important parts of your content as if your call to action is weak, then you’re not going to see those all important conversions. Think about who you’re talking to and what action you’d like them to take. A simple ‘click here’ or ‘call now’ is ok, but you don’t want to go with this every time. Have a think on how you can expand on this, to really entice your reader to act.

‘Try it for free’ or ‘Download your free sample here’ are more likely to get a click as people feel like they are getting value. Remember that this is an essential factor so give this the thought it deserves. To give you a hand, here’s a handy guide to different types of CTAs.

If you’d like help with creating new and exciting content, I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch here or leave a comment below.



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